Practice Areas

Spheres of excellence defending your rights and interests in all aspects of the work relationship.

Labour Law

Countering the powerful forces ranged against workers, trade unions and professional associations requires expert advice, tenacious advocacy and exceptional commitment.

Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Public interest litigation that protects and broadens human rights benefits everyone– workers, marginalized communities and the community at large. Success takes commitment, experience and a strategy.

Professional Discipline and Regulation

A workplace incident can place you in triple jeopardy involving employment, professional and even criminal sanctions. Our experienced team will defend you in every forum and at every stage, providing strategic advice and representation to achieve the best outcome overall.

Employment Law

Employees fighting an injustice in the workplace can find themselves entangled in complex statutory regulations and common law rules. Finding a way through requires knowledgeable, determined and incisive advocacy.

Civil Litigation

Strong advocacy and strategic decision making are essential to helping unions, workers and social movements advance their goals and interests. We know our clients and how best to use the courts to achieve outcomes that will make a meaningful difference.

Criminal Defence

Facing criminal charges can be a lonely and daunting experience, especially for those with less power to navigate legal systems. A strong defence begins with attentive, energetic advocacy informed by tactical and legal acumen.