Elek Reitsma

Lawyer, he/him


Elek Reitsma is a criminal defence lawyer working in the criminal law practice group at Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP.

He started his career at one of the largest criminal defence firms in Canada, where he articled and worked as an associate, conducting trials, appeals, bail hearings and bail reviews.

Elek was called to the bar on a Friday. On the following Monday he was running his first trial. It was a jury trial. The client was acquitted.

Elek studied law at Queens University. During law school, Elek worked with his professor on a project focusing on the Morris decision and sentencing racialized offenders. He also worked at a legal clinic, assisting with employment and housing files. He was a mooter for two years, and was actively involved in several clubs. He helped restart a Law Union of Ontario chapter at the law school.

Elek remains involved in the policing subcommittee of the Law Union. He is also a part of a group of lawyers and other advocates focused on restorative justice.

Elek plays guitar, six string banjo, harmonica, and sings. He is an avid cyclist and occasional runner. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked as a bicycle mechanic and technician.

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